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 Member Shipment Spotlight

Maltacourt was Tasked by a Client to Find a Solution with Reasonable Cost

A client called Maltacourt late in the day and said they need a part delivered to Monaco without fail by the next morning. A super yacht was being delayed in sailing and the VIP owner was not best pleased.

Maltacourt had the solution to the client within 20 minutes. Our own vehicle collected the item within the hour. The goods were immediately dispatched and hand delivered at 11:00 in the next morning. The part was fitted the same day to allow the super yacht departed Monaco and our client was delighted with the outcome.
Bespoke time critical services are just one of the many elements of what we provide to our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can assist you. We take it personally. We deliver professionally.
For more information, please contact Brendan Beech at Brendan.Beech@maltacourt.com.