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Maltacourt Group Hungary Excel in Supply Chain Solutions

Today Maltacourt Supply Chain Division has started deliveries of cryogenic liquified and compressed gas for Linde Gas Hungary. The job entails deliveries of liquified gas in tanker trailer volumes to Hungarian domestic and international customers across Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania, in the medical and industrial sectors. 

For this 5 + 1 year contract, Maltacourt has invested over 3 million euros in the project, including 32 specially equipped ADR, second generation EURO6 Mercedes Actros tractor units. The vehicles have onboard video recording as well as an active emergency brake assistant for ultimate safety on route. The system makes it practically impossible for a collision to happen while the truck is moving forwards. In addition to this the equipment also includes active lane assist which prohibits the vehicle from changing lanes without the driver’s conscious decision to do so and a driver fatigue monitoring system, called Driver Alert. These costly additions have huge relevance on todays congested roads and on the long journeys travelled by our drivers, and given the characteristics of the transported product, Maltacourt believed that the additional investment was essential for safety of our drivers, the public in general and our customers product.

The operation involves not only the transportation of the product but also the transfer of the liquified gas from the storage vessel to the tanker trailer and reverse at delivery to site. For this reason, all 46 drivers who are all extremely highly qualified have taken part in a rigorous Maltacourt safety operational training and induction course prior to the start of operation. The drivers have said that they are delighted to be part of the team of Maltacourt and have expressed their thanks for the additional training, monitoring and safety equipment introduced to the operation.

The project is a huge success for Maltacourt and Ferenc Federer, Managing Director of Maltacourt Supply Chain ZRT, who is responsible for the new operation and, amongst others, the current cylinder gas transportation contract which Maltacourt operates for Linde Gas already for the past 3 years.

I would like to thank Ferenc and his team for the outstanding performance in securing the contract and a flawless implementation of unimaginable complexity, and of course our Chief Exec, Matt Beech for his support of our development in Hungary.

For more information, please contact Brendan Beech at brendan.beech@maltacourt.com.

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