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Nashville Symphony Leads Initiative to Bring "Violins of Hope" to US

The Nashville Symphony is bringing the "Violins of Hope" to their city, a comprehensive and rare collection of restored instruments once played by Jewish musicians during The Holocaust.

The leading forwarders- Ordan Cargo in Israel, Adcom Worldwide of Cincinnati, Ohio, CAL Airlines, Maman Logistics Warehouse and Envirotainer have coordinated the pieces of the logistics puzzle to ensure their safe passage.

The hallowed strings, restored and refurbished by Israeli luthiers Amnon and Avshalom Weinstein, will be in the hands of the symphony’s musicians to reawaken their voices of the past, telling stories of injustice, suffering and above all resilience.

These priceless and historical instruments’ journey from Israel to the US is one of precise and complicated logistics as they are very sensitive to temperature and humidity.
Only a few professional logistics companies were chosen to join forces to give the project wings.

The "Violins of Hope" will arrive in the US this weekend and remain for three months of performances, displays and community events until they return to Israel.

Contact: Elinoar Pridan <elinoar@Ordan-Cargo.co.il>

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