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Member Shipment Spotlight

A major airframe manufacturer contacted LHR Global Logistics on Wednesday to move oversize engine cradle from Shannon to Copenhagen by Saturday morning.

Although the ferries were being cancelled due to storms on the Irish Sea on Thursday, it still must be delivered by Saturday latest. The clock was ticking.

We collected the 3600kg frame (465 x 244 x 225 cm) within hours after booking and loaded it to trailer number one in Shannon despite the storms in the Irish sea will arrive for the first vehicle swap at 1100 the next day in London. The shipment was moved to Copenhagen and delivered before lunchtime on Saturday. The client is very happy because they could avoid AOG situation and the associated costs.

LHR Global Logistics support a number of Aerospace companies and agents across Ireland, the UK and the Nordics

Contact: Chris Black <chris@lhrglobal.com>