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XPO Successful Handled Shipments for ELETROLAR

XPO Eventos e Logistica Ltda. has successfully delivered a shipment for ELETROLAR, an international trade show, and we would like to share it with our WCA Time Critical members.

ELETROLAR is an international trade show related to the housewares and heavy machinery industries in Sao Paulo. It was a domestic trade show until the organizers decided to go international in 2013 and XPO assisted them to design the international logistic strategies. XPO’s business partner in China, who is also specialized in exhibitions and fine arts logistics, has organized a temporary and definitive export shipment of nearly 15 tons by air and ocean from Shanghai to Santos Port.  The project planning took 6 months with show organizer, shippers, and exhibitors in China. Most of cargo requires pre-shipment import permits and this was the show organizer’s main concern along with deadlines and requested delivery dates.  XPO also provided operation on  in order to provide full assistance to international exhibitors and show organizer during the event. The show will take place again in Sao Paulo in 2016 and the organizer has nominated XPO as their logistics provider again.

For more information, please contact Claudia Grigolon at projects@xpolog.com.br

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