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Member Shipment Spotlight

Europartners handles daily shipment of 35 tons air-freight for 60 consecutive days.The Tier 1 plant with worldwide presence has a 5-year relationship with Europartners Group, being their first choice for airfreight and time critical cargo.

An Automaker (OEM) invested 1,100 million dollars in the state of Puebla for the Just in Sequence production of their new model, with expected high demand, that started in 2017.

Due to growing demand of the OEM, the Tier 1 plant experienced a shortage of supplies causing to switch suppliers from USA to Germany. The German plant has capacity to supply the Tier 1 plant in a 24-hour lead time.

Daily ship 35 tons of door-to-door shipment in less than 24 hours for 60 consecutive days to prevent line stoppages.

Europartners sent Mexican staff to Germany for eliminating downtime hours caused by time zones. This led to quicker and more efficient response for the Tier 1, improving reaction time, meeting automaker expectations and delivery on time.

• Collaboration between offices made 24/7 service possible providing On-Time solutions and status
• During the 2-month period, 2000 tons were shipped by air with flash service and Air Charter
• Daily line stoppages of the Tier 1 and OEM were prevented
• Detailed attention of every shipment with our on-site crew supervising goods handled on to the aircraft

For more information, please contact Magda Ramírez at magda.ramirez@europartners.com.mx