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Priority Freight launches new China to Europe service and delivers prototype parts for leading automotive manufacturer.

When a leading automotive manufacturer urgently required prototype parts from China, within just three days, Priority Freight sprang into action. The client had requested the ‘Priority Express’ service, utilising the new cost-effective time and day-definite, secure China to Europe service. As the receiver had senior management travelling from around the world to inspect the prototype parts, delayed delivery was not an option.

Rescheduled loading, customs procedures and air traffic rights were just some of the complications the Priority Freight team had to overcome. Multiple trailers were booked for the surface transport and a scheduled 747-freighter utilised to deliver the cargo to mainland Europe. To safeguard the last mile delivery, a large cargo flight was chartered from Germany.

There were challenges from the outset. Firstly, the consignment was not ready for collection at the required time, and when Priority Freight returned 24 hours later, less than half of the pallets were available.

Despite this initial delay, and the change in cargo quantity, Priority Freight had the experience and flexibility to modify arrangements and ensure the time-critical cargo met the tight deadline.

At the end of day three, Priority Freight successfully delivered all prototype parts, on time and in perfect condition. The client’s senior management complimented the team, both on cost and speed of service. Another satisfied customer utilising one of Priority Freight’s time and day-definite products from China to Europe.

For more information, please contact Emma Cooper, Group Marketing Manager
t (0)1304 828777 m (0)7813 348875 e emma.cooper@priorityfreight.com

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