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Oct 03, 2017

LONDON HEATHROW: B&H Worldwide, the world's best-in-class aerospace logistics company, joined WCA's Time Critical Network on October 4. As the newest addition to the world's largest independent freight forwarding network, B&H Worldwide will have access to the groups vast network of agents working with aerospace and time critical logistics requirements. At the same time, B&H will act to further enrich the groups logistics might, contributing to the networks continued efforts to establish itself as the strongest, most impressive grouping of time critical movers.

"Our goal as a group is to be the global leader, and we cannot stress that enough", says Adam McKenna, General Manager of WCA's Time Critical Network. "Gaining reputable members like B&H Worldwide, with its newly acquired Best-in-Class status, is what sets us apart. When you work with a WCA Time Critical partner, you know you're getting the highest quality service".

B&H is backed by three decades of dependable, highly-skilled time-critical operations, setting an impressive benchmark in its sector for independent forwarding.

"We are thrilled to be joining a network which is focussed on specialist areas of logistics, one that will provide us with both brand exposure and a platform for the complex business of aerospace logistics,” said Stuart Allen, CEO of B&H Worldwide. "It will provide our teams with tremendous opportunities to expand our reach into new areas. By the same token, we will bring a wealth of aerospace expertise to the members of WCA's Time Critical Network, members who may be seeking a partner they can trust."

"WCA Time Critical is honoured to welcome B&H to the network," said Adam McKenna. "Their capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions to the time-critical sector will help further diversify an already powerful and unique group of specialist forwarders. We are confident that B&H's participation within WCA will spur new business opportunities for all parties."



About B&H Worldwide
Established in 1988 in the UK, B&H Worldwide is a market leader in the highly specialist aerospace logistics industry. In 2017 it was awarded Best-in-Class status by the Global Institute of Logistics as the world's best aerospace logistics company. Over the last 30 years B&H has expanded globally and today operates from ten strategically positioned aerospace hubs around the world and has a customer base that includes airlines, spare part stockists, MROs and repair vendors. Its innovative, in-house designed OnTrack software sets the benchmark for the aerospace logistics industry. Information on B&H Worldwide's leading logistics solutions can be found at: www.bhworldwide.com 

About WCA Time Critical

WCA Time Ciritical is home to the world's finest independent freight forwarders working in international time-sensitive logistics. All members demonstate the capability to handle customized logistics solutions on behalf of clients that require rapid and reliable services. WCA Time Critical is part of the larger WCA World, the largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders.

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